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These beautiful 11” x 60”, supple & lightweight scarves are one-of-kind, and hand dyed using a folding method called Shibori.  They made from 100% Habotai Silk.

Retro Shibori

SKU: 003
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  • Each scarf is a unique creation where the end results turned out to be a wonderful surprise… even to the artist!  I dyed 6 scarves, and while I used the same dies and methods, each one turned out a little different.

    These pieces will give any outfit a artistic flair, and are great for the beach, work, or a night on the town. You'll love the look and feel of this supple lightweight silk!  You could also use the as a wall hanging or frame it!

    Colors - Sunset Red (orange) , Indigo Blue and a touch of Bronze. Each scarf's coloration is a little different. This color combination, reminds me of the 1940's; a very retro mood.

    Care - Silk is easy to care for, just hand-wash in cold water with mild soap. Rinse it with hair conditioner to give it a soft feel and a lovely sweet smell. Never wring out a wet scarf as it may rip. Hang to dry & steam iron on silk/low setting if you want to, but keep in mind that most of the wrinkles are “set” into the fabric and are a natural result of the dying process.

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